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re: V8 stuff

Unka Bart wrote:

>You, on the other hand, seem to be more interested in "operating"
>your motor vehicle.

:) I take great pleasure in driving my V8Q, the car is so smooth and
silent to drive that I actually are driving within the speedlimits
just to prolong the time I drive the car.

>And, just as a passing thought, please allow me to point out that
>this is not a national bit, driving enthusiasts are found where ever
>car are found. Laugh all you want at Americans, we have as many

I was not Laughing about Americans. I merly pointed out that
USA/Canada have the opposite view about transmission.
Probaly because an automatic transmission cost a great deal more
than an manual one, in Europe. 

>laughable peculiarities as anyone, but the "driving enthusiast"
>peculiarity is one shared by all nationalities.

>> Manual transmisions are to mutch work to drive with.

>Yes.  Rather.  Unless, of course, one wishes to exert the maximum
>amount of control possible over what the vehicle is doing. (Hint:
>This is a clue, don't let it slip by you.)  (Ooooops, too late, there
>it went.  Sorry, but at least I tried...)

With an Quattro you lose a little bit of your maximum amount of
control because the quattro system automaticly trying to get the best
grip possible. Combine that with an automatic and you have an even
better chance to stay on the road under difficult conditions.

>Given the provocative, condescending tone of your message, your

Sorry, not my intention at all. As you should know, it's very
difficult to tranfer a certian tone through written text. The tone is
what the reader wants it to be, most of the time. And since English
are not my native language, that makes it even more difficult.

>credentials to speak authoratively about that sector of the world's
>population might well be questioned by some on this list.

Best Regards

John Torset
89 Audi V8Q
81 Audi 200 T (5000 T)
Amiga 4000