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Re: V8 stuff

> With an Quattro you lose a little bit of your maximum amount of
> control because the quattro system automaticly trying to get the best
> grip possible. Combine that with an automatic and you have an even
> better chance to stay on the road under difficult conditions.

Sorry, I have to disagree.

Point 1.  Recent snow in NW, State Patrol message heard over
the radio _for those with automatic transmissions_ (paraphrased
'cos I can't remember the exact wording):

Neutral is you friend - you will have more control when
slowing/stopping if you put it in neutral.  Those with manual
transmissions don't usually have as much a problem...

Point 2.  An automatic transmission changing gears while turning in
slippery conditions can have very interesting effects... a sudden
change in torque at the wheels, let's see, weight is going
to transfer to one end of the car, the other starts to slide and
you are understeering your way into the ditch or oversteering
into a spin with equally likely result.

Point 3.  Decent snow tires count as much, if not more.
(5kCSTQ with D60A2s ain't going nowhere in the snow.)

And finally, all that automatic suff doesn't necessarily help
you stay on the road/avoid running into anyone.  ABS doesn't
in any snowy/icy conditions I have driven in - everytime
I have tried 'standing' on the brakes in my A4 in snow/ice,
I have been shocked at how long it took to stop.  It felt
like the wheels were locked and stopping distances were in
my uncalibrated estimation 50% greater.  Treating the brake
pedal with respect resulted in shorter stopping distances.