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re: V8 stuff...

Hi there, John,

First a disclaimer, I don't put smileys in my messages, but they are always
there, nonetheless...

> :) I take great pleasure in driving my V8Q, the car is so smooth and
> silent to drive that I actually are driving within the speedlimits
> just to prolong the time I drive the car.

I'm delighted to hear that, amigo!  I know what you mean about the
pleasure, and about your earlier comments regarding the frustration of
driving a stick in heavy, stop-and-go traffic.  And I'll be the first to
commend you on your approach to speedlimits, it's definitely more rational
than mine!

> I was not Laughing about Americans.

Well, in any event, it's good sport, we're easy targets.

> With an Quattro you lose a little bit of your maximum amount of
> control because the quattro system automaticly trying to get the best
> grip possible. Combine that with an automatic and you have an even
> better chance to stay on the road under difficult conditions.

Hmmmm... an interesting perspective.  Not one that I share, but an
interesting one, nonetheless.  I never thought that my self-shifting '90
V8Q gave me any more control than my manual shifting '91 V8Q, and since
they both are quattro systems that I've driven (and driven *hard*) under
circumstances where control matters, I'd have a *difficult* time conceeding
that particular point.

> >Given the provocative, condescending tone of your message, your
> Sorry, not my intention at all. As you should know, it's very
> difficult to tranfer a certian tone through written text. The tone is
> what the reader wants it to be, most of the time. And since English
> are not my native language, that makes it even more difficult.

Well, John, you must admit that any message that starts out saying that one
finds it funny that Americans think <whatever> could be easily construed
otherwise, but yer kindly ol' Unka Bart is happy to hear that it wasn't
meant as it sounded...

Welcome, it's nice to have you with us!

yer kindly ol' Unka Bart