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Re: Restoring Audi's, Classics

>  #      > Also, what do you mean by "restoration"?
> I guess one must define 'restoration' clearly .
> Original, authentic and un-restored automobiles are very rare

I think "restoration" applies to cars returned to "like new" condition,
and exactly as they left the factory - no "upgrades" or anything.  Maybe
fancy wheels are allowed, so long as the stock ones are in storage at
home.  Saw a very nice example of this a couple of months ago, a late
60's Ford F150.  Very sharp, but in the manner of restoration, a bit
compromised.  All the original design flaws have to be retained!

Answer to elsewhere, "audi classics"?

I think the Urq, but what year, the 84 2wd 5ks, and *maybe* a really
clean coupe or 4kq or two.  But taste and fashion have so much to do
with this.  These cars do have the one requirement to earn the label the
honest way - an engine that runs forever.  hence the recent upsurge in
Dodge dart/Plymouth valiant interest.  BTW an associate of mine has a
semi restored, semi customised (lot of engine details) Valiant appraised
at $7k.  Will my Coupe ever get there?  I doubt it, but maybe.

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe