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Re: road leeches (negligible Audi content)

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> Audi content (finally!!!!)
> We had talked before here about improving back up lights.  Consensus
> reached was a set of inexpensive driving lights aimed rearward.  Now
> this would have to be relayed, and it would be easy to install a little
> momentary switch to engage them...
> Replacement Halogen bulbs are available for this purpose.

I tried 'em in the Coupe, (50w), no perceived improvement.  Oh well. 
the lens is tiny.

> I use 'em in the plow truck to make backing in the dark and fallin' sno a bit safer.

I mounted a set of tractor lights at the top of the cab facing rearward
for this - and in the lens is one of radio shack's crummy "beep" lights
- beeper still works, bulb went out in 3 months of almost no use!

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe