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S4 spring rates...

I just installed a set of sport Konis for a '91 200q on the rear of my '89
200q using the OEM S4 hardware and springs I had lying around from the rear
end I purchased last year ... so far, so good, but the ride seems to be a
little softer than I figured.  After all, the S4 is a heavier car than my
'89 so I assumed it would have stiffer springs as well ... to save me the
trouble of pulling them off the car and actually measuring them, I wonder if
anyone knows the spring rate of these things?  They had one each green and
pink paint splotches...

On a related note, what sort of spring rates are people running on their
200qs?  I finished my camber plates last Wednesday night and have to order
some 2.5" springs next week so I can use them ... I have an idea what rate I
want to use but would like to hear some BTDTs before I break out the plastic
and order a set.

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