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Did I buy a restored classic?

Someone recently wrote:
 #      >I do however speculate you'll be seeing some people 
 #      > restoring Ur-Q's and 5KTQ's in the next 5-10 years.  They
 #      > are truly unique and special cars and deserve to be preserved!

OK Audi Fans....Maybe this thread needs an example. Today I bought a
pearlwhite showroom condition '87 5kcstq.... runs great , 2d owner, full
history, 123k, no hits, fanatical maintenance. The car has been garaged
nightly and pressure washed on the underside after every run in the snow
and salt of Ohio.

Did I buy a restored classic? (I voted with my checkbook)

Imagine a pearlwhite clearcoat, sparkling like new, that has never been
waxed for the life of the car. Wiped off every night, and looking like it
belonged in a showroom. Black leather interior that shows no wear. Perfect
headliner. Clean clear glass. All electrics work.Records of new rad, temp
sensors, hoses, H2Opump, t/belt, ign/loom, idle stab/unit, turbo pump,
rack, bomb, clutch, CV boots, rotors, pads, MF switch, sunroof parts, door
handle mech/window motor, and new Bridgestones. All done by a first class
mechanic that drives an Audi. The car has been _kept_ in like-new condition
by a professional. It needs nothing.I can't believe he sold it.

(Mumble-Mumble-incantations to appease Audi gods, who never overlook such

The first owner was the wife of a local doctor, and no one ever sat in the
back seat..She just used it as her personal car..They had a big Cherokee 4
door to carry around kids and groceries. 2d owner was an Audi _fanatic_ who
is also an insurance agent and put some miles on it. He is getting a  '95
A6Q 5spd.

I had to take my shoes off to go into his living room to examine the
service records and close the deal. I suspect that they also took off their
shoes before getting in the Audi.
Last year I saw the car at our mechanic's garage, when I took my 4kq in for
service. It was a shock, seeing a show car at a repair shop. I asked the
name of the owner, called him, and asked him to phone me whenever he
decided to sell it. He never advertised it, and called me last week.

And I bought it today!  I gave him the $5,000 he asked, without an
argument. I think it was a bargain already at that price.  He could have
asked $6,000 and I might have paid it.

So what do you think....did I buy  a restoration and a classic? Or is it
just a dream car...
I had to tell somebody about this, and I guess it is a thousand people.
Wow, when that turbo cuts in....Wheeeee!    (now I know, this is the truth
and the way.)

Doyt Echelberger
86 4kcsq
87 5kcstq      Doyt@NWOhio.com