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ouch (how to change fuel filter on 90 CQ)

Materials needed:

- replacement Bosch fuel filter
- 2 19mm wrenches, 1 17mm wrench, 1 22mm or adjustable wrench
- ramps or jack
- paper towels, gauze, tape
- wife and spare car (4kq in my case)

1)  Begin by backing car onto ramps.
2)  Lay plywood under car, lie down on it
3)  Spray fuel filter bolts with wd40
4)  lay under car facing upwards
5)  reach behind your head at bad angle with 2 19mm
6)  push on one wrench, pulling on the other
7)  push until nut cracks loose
8)  quickly realize head has cracked as well from the momentum,
    banging head under car on lower left control arm
9)  clasp head in pain, summoning wife with spare vehicle
10) proceed to emergency room (the one you ferried nurses to
    in snowstorms) where you will receive 5 stiches
11) return home, sheepishly ask father-in-law for assitance the
    following morning...

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