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4kq parts garage sale

* Best offer on all items. *

I really need to clean out the garage (and pay the copay
on the ER bill!) so no reasonable offer will be refused.

All 4kq parts are assumed to be good - your money refunded,
less shipping, if they are not.  I won't have time to 
test them for you.

- 1 1984 4kq head, complete, ready to bolt on.

- 2 NEW Fram PH2870A oil filters - fits 4kq,90q,VW 1.8 engines and
	others, still boxed.

- 2 sets 4kq spark plug wires, 1 in loom, one not.  

- 1 set Hella air horns, one horn broken - identical to the set
	sold by Imparts (compressor and 2 red horns).  No idea
	on how hard it would be to get a replacement horn/plastic

- 2 4kq idle stabilizer valves
- 2 4kq vacuum pumps - these do work.

- 1 4kq ignition coil

- 1 set 1985-7 stock 4kq headlights/markers - from my 85 4kq,
	converted to Euros.


- 1 BEL 405 radar detector.  No bracket, has hardwire cord.
	Case slightly deformed from heat but works.

- 1 BEL 966 radar detector with bracket and hardwire code.
	Looks and works as new.

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