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Q's for sale, Pittsburgh

Just a couple of interesting Q's at dealers I saw in the local paper:

'90 CQ
Red w/ grey leather
No mileage given

'94 100CSQ Avant
3rd seat, 10 disc CD, emerald w/ anthracite leather, 58k miles
Says "blow out price" $19950

The wagon is at a dealer near my house. It was there in October or November
with 55k on it and at a price of $25k, disappeared for about a month, and
reappeared for $5k less about a week ago. Haven't seen the CQ yet, but is at a
dealer that carries a lot of Audi's. All usual disclamers apply with both
cars. E-mail me directly if interested in the #'s for the dealers.

'92 100S (68k)