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I have a question on gas milage for type 44 chassis cars.  This weekend
driving to Vermont from Long Island. I averaged 21.37MPG.  Door to door the
trip computer showed an average speed of 63MPH.  Once off the Island I was
traveling 80-110MPH when possible.  21+ MPG seems ok for a sedan traveling at
those speeds, I was just wondering what other people are getting on the Hiway
at fairly high speeds.  I have to say that every time I take a trip on the
open road in the 5K I ALWAYS come away impressed.  These car are so rock
stable at speeds that would end you a night in the clink, they are just great.

'87 5Ktq (IA Stage II, Euro Lights, Fuchs W/215/60 D40/M2, 15X6 W/Dunlop
'84 Ur-q

P.S. Was anyone from the list on the RT. 7 Bypass on friday night in a dark
green S4/S6 with snows on steel wheels?  that was fun blasting up the hill
there. My car was pulling really well. Where you loaded down?