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Re: Phazer radar/laser jammer?

On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:

> I seem to remember these guys. How many other companies can be
> in Midlothian, VA?
> Anyway, laser is damn-near unjammable. Radar is jammable, but
> has some problems:
> 1) completely illegal under a wide variety of laws (start with
> the FCC regs on xmitting at 4Ghz w/o a license, move to
> "interfering with a police officer on duty").
> 2) when done right, almost undetectable. Ask the Air Force.
> But done right costs $$$$$$$$$. These units spray out so much
> noise that any radar gun today will detect it and read "JAMMED".
> You go to jail.
> 3) Can't possibly have enough power to overcome the radar cross-
> section of your car by "passively reflecting" from a 4x4" unit.
> Get a Valentine-1 instead.

Agreed on all parts.  Even at civilian pricing radar jammers are either
very expensive or very crude.  You don't want to get the FCC angry at
you, I've had them disable radios from another federal organization
because we were using our assigned frequency outside of our authorized
area.  Our District Manager was very, very unhappy when we got back. 
Stick with the detector, they work if you believe them.  My Valentine-1
saved me three times this weekend, including once when there was a very
stealthy car ahead of me cruising along with radar on.  I wouldn't have
noticed at all (I was going up skiing/snowboarding along with everyone
else on 87North, and everyone had ski racks) if the detector hadn't been
very insistant in letting me know that there was trouble ahead.  Hmmm,
three speeding tickets plus the insurance, I would say that it was $400
well spent.  Plus it's legal.

98 A4Q 2.8