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Strange doing's on my 90S

This morining I was driving my '93 90S, it was raining/snowing out and
the freeway was slick/slushy in areas. I was probably going about 55-65,
when I noticed my seat belt light on. I pulled on my seat belt to
tighten it, then the light went off.

When I was coming home from work, same type of road conditions, the
light started to come on and off again. Then it went off for good. A few
minutes later, I look down at my dash and notice that my temp gauge
isn't showing the temp any more, it is showing "E" right in the center.
I do not have the trip computer, so this is just the plain temp guage at
the lower cener of my instrument panel. The "E" disapeared when I shut
off the car and the temp came back when I restarted it.

Does any body know what either of these things mean? I was thinking that
maybe the seat belt light was the car warning me that the roads were
slick, a good of guess as any. But I can't even beging to think of what
the "E" stood for. This is the first time I have seen either of these
things happen and I couldn't find anything in the owners manual about
either problem. Any help would be great.

And speaking of the temp guage, where exactly is the thermometer located
on the car? Every once in awhile, I'll get in my car and it will show a
temperature that is clearly not right. 71 degrees when it's sunny but
really only about 30 outside for example. The only thing I can think of
is that maybe the sun is getting reflected off of something directly
onto the thermometer, resulting in the odd temperature display. This
only lasts for a minute or two, then the guage will go back to "normal".

Matt Daniels
'93 90S fwd