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Re: 5000TQ master cylinder on a urq?

     I completely agree. I think some of the differences between the 
     smoothness of an MB engined ur-q and a WX/WR can be attributed to:-
     Lower CR of the WX/WR 7:1 vs. 8.6:1
     Inlet Manifold Casting is much rougher and the ports are not as well 
     matched to the head. The ports also have a much rounder cross section.
     Turbo part number castings changed.
     Cam shafts (this is a pet peeve particularly when it comes to the WX)
     More advanced ignition timing on the MB (knock sensing protection)
     Air Shrouded Injectors
     Any other thoughts? My personal experience of an MC and WX engined 
     ur-q, the former is much smoother, more bottom end, less turbo lag, 
     more high end power.
     Regards, Mike