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Re: Help with heater core replacement-'87 5kTQ

At 10:25 PM 1/19/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Tony Lum wrote:
>> Hi gang,
>> I'm trying to replace the core in my heater box assembly. 
>Tony, I'd be interested in what qlisters respond with if its
>directly to you. I as well have to replace my core in a 
>5ks avant. Do you have any words of wisdom on the job so far?

Bob, its actually not too bad.  Best to have backup Audi and lots of time!
I used a small pick to pull out as much of the sealing gasket as possible.
Disconnect the harness running thru heater assembly on both sides. Remove
the vacuum lines (held on with screws). Disconnect Bowden cable from the AC
programmer (after removing the glovebox).  You should be able to then lift
out the heater assembly fairly easily.  Clean off old gasket residue (time
consuming). Remove all the clips around the heater assembly and THREE
screws.  On the left side, pull the clip on center air vent flap (this is
the one with the big felt washer.  Gentley ease the assembly apart-it will
stick some because the heater core is glued in on the hose end with some
kind of silicon rubber.

Now if I can find some replacement brushes for the blower motor, she'll be
good as new.



Tony Lum  (tlum@flash.net)                     1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro
Berkeley, California, USA                      1985 4000CS Quattro
Audi Owner/Driver/Mechanic by Necessity ;^)    1980 5000S Sedan