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Re: Shocks (again): difference between makes...

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From: Gerard <gerard@poboxes.com>
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Date: 20 January 1998 09:25
Subject: Shocks (again): difference between makes...

> car makes I haven't
>even heard of (Alvis? Bond? Saxo? Ginetta? Innocenti? Jenson? Mallock?
>Marcos? Rochdale? Sumo? Wartburg? Westfield?).

This is what I remember about the makes, probably not 100% accurate - if
anyone knows different etc etc.

Alvis - Post WW2 British car maker, tended towards the sportier end of
highclass saloons and coupes. Firm folded in 1967 I think.
Bond - British maker started in the 50's with small displacement cars (250 &
875 cc engines), produced some rather attractive 2 litre coupes during the
60's and died out after marketing a 700cc three wheeler 'Bug' during the
early 70's.
Saxo - Kit car manufacturer - GRP AC Cobra replicas.
Ginetta - 60's & 70's kit car manufacturer who progressed to full production
and then went bust. The models are reborn every few years by someone else
who then promply goes bust.
Innocenti - Not too sure about this one, but they used to make tuning kits
for Mini Coopers, I think that they also used to sell their own tuned
Jensen - Very classy (and expensive) sports cars including the Interceptor
which had a wonderful 6.2litre V8 and in 'FF' guise had four-wheel drive,
140+mph and anti-lock brakes back in 1966. Went bust in the 70's keeps being
reborn every few years, last time I heard, a new hand-built Interceptor
would cost about 45000GBP and the lead time was about 18months.
Marcos - Started making GRP and plywood kit cars in the 60's graduated to
full production, closed down, reopened due to demand. Marcos's now compete
in GT racing including Le Mans.
Rochdale - 60's kit cars, firm died out in the early 70's.
Sumo - Kit cars - more GRP AC Cobra's.
Wartburg - Eastern(?) European manufacturer - the cars were 2-stroke and
looked a bit like a big Lada Riva.
Westfield - Kits cars - Lotus 7 replicas.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro

> a) anyone running Avo Shocks? They're British, based in
>    St. Helier, Jersey, Great Britain, or so says the
>    managing director's business card. Anyone running them
>    in either an Audi or anything else or know someone who
>    is?
I doubt that you will find anyone. I cant find them listed in any of my
files, and Jersey (one of the Channel Isles) is not exactly noted for
automotive manufacturing or any kind of manufacturing for that matter -
agricultural produce, tomatoes and potatoes more like. BTW, I believe that
every road on the island is subject to a 30mph speed limit.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro