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Re: Cool intake air, much ranting...


> We've established the not so new news that hot air isn't
>the way to get HP.  Really this isn't news.  <snip>
> So lets take a car, I have one.  An '88 5ktq.  It has the
>curved snorkel off the airbox.  It has got to suck hot
air.  It is aimed
>at the turbo!  Well almost.

Well, "almost" not pointed at the turbo is good enough...

The curved snorkel should be pointed slightly upwards
toward the right
fender (US vehicles) and not towards the turbo. This
snorkel  has only got to do what it was originally designed
for, and it wasn't designed to suck hot air. Not likely...

My preliminary tests indicate that the air entering the
intake snorkel is only 3-4 degrees F above the outside
ambient air while traveling at 60MPH while producing 1.8
bar boost
at full throttle with the brakes held on to keep the engine
at 3000RPM. 

> QSHIP stated once I think that the shape and length were
>for low end torque improvement.  Maybe for noise reduction

Makes a lot of sense to me........these parts don't get
designed they way they are by accident......the snorkel was
also probably designed to prevent water from getting in and
swamping out
the air filter assembly while driving through  high water
> But has anyone actually changed the tube to pick up air
>from the fenderwell?   Or from below the car in a still
air spot? 

Well, I would imagine that many people have relocated the
intake location but before anyone decides to do this, they
may want to find out if it is really necessary. If in fact,
it works fine as is, then leave it alone and focus on other

It is entirely possible that the stock intake snorkel and
air filter element are restrictive at higher boost levels,
but unless you test the system for pressure drop with a
sensitive manometer/gauge setup you are only taking a wild
ass guess. As soon as my pressure transducers show up, I
plan to make these measurements....

I would like to think that the air flow through the 5000TQ
engine compartment is not something that was left to
chance. The designers knew
exactly what was happening and what the component
temperatures were
when they designed everything in the front of the
car/grill/bumper etc.

Look at the front grill and the way the air is deflected
around and through the intercooler and the radiator. Look
at the various plastic covers/shields etc to direct air
through the radiator/intercooler/oil cooler ducting, the
alternator cooling duct work, the hydraulic engine mount
cooling hose and rubber air deflector, the injector cooling
fan......etc. etc....

 The designers obviously did some temp testing and found
these items were necessary to keep engine component temps
within reason. They could have saved a lot of money if they
left all these parts off. The turbo after run cooling pump
is another example, that setup is not cheap! But it is very

If anyone is curious about the underhood temps of various
engine/intake/etc. components, they might want to spend a
hundred dollars
or so and buy several thermocouples and a basic temp meter.

Scott Mo.