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Hydraulic Clutch

I think I sent this message to the wrong address, so I will try again.

1987 Coupe GT 113k

I have been off the list for awhile since my daughter had the Coupe and out
of sight is out of mind. It's back with the following problem. Often when
you first get in the car, you put your foot on the clutch and the pedal
sinks to the floor. You pull it back up and push it down and it works fine.
This also occurs sometimes while driving.

If you disengage the clutch in gear, it will hold and does not seem to leak

My first thought is to replace both the master and slave cylinder but I
have two questions. First, do the symptoms indicate which is the problem?
Second, my Haynes manual doesn't admit the existance of a hydraulic clutch
and I am too cheap for a Bentley but, both cylinders look buried. Does
someone have a procedure for removing them or at least how one might get at

Thanks in advance - Bob Cummings 87 Coupe GT 113 K, Bedford, TX