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Re: ThunderHill QCUSA event in Calif.

>You forgot to mention that while you were out on the track
>with your 323 Rally car, there were several frustrated
>Quattro owners who were having more than a little trouble
>catching up to you... :-),

I owe it all to Jorg Czypionka, who I took out early on for a
ride to learn the line.  He is the grey haired fellow with the
german accent who drives the nice emerald green S4.  He runs
with the PCA and was racing before I was born.  I was lucky
was able to pass on a bit of his wisdom, and others seemed to 
benefit too.  That made it fun.

>next time I need to do more driving out there.........I did 
> meet some great people from Calif.....
>I managed to be on mechanics duty most of the weekend,
>helped fix 3 defective WOT switches on two  5000TQ and one
4000TQ conversion.

I was wondering why I didn't see more of you on the track.
I hope you got some fun rides as well, I sure did!

One more story I forgot.  After driving for hours through driving 
rain, it started to clear up and get windy.  It was after dark,
and I was travelling in the slow lane at about 75 mph.  When what
do my eyes see, but a big furry brown blob, about the size of a
ford fiesta waddling into my lane from behind a overpass.  In
the split second it took me to recognize the object, I thought 
I must be dreaming, as it looked so alien.  Then I realize the
big daddy of tumbleweeds had gone into attach mode.  But with
racetrack honed skills, I just performed that split second lane
change and it brushed the drivers door.  Glad it wasn't a cow
or something more solid, because grazing something more solid would
have been much more dangerous. BTDT  That's my story, and the moral.

Paul Timmerman