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quattro mud wrestling?

I just had a situation over the weekend where I was driving around a 
sidewalk-free Seattle residential neighborhood, pulled off the pavement, and 
got stuck in the mud. Driving briefly in mud has never been a problem for me 
before, but in the past it's been a thin layer of mud over pavement or 
hard-packed earth. In this case the mud was really soft and deep, and I had to 
call a tow truck. I struck up a conversation with a local, and he said a lot 
of water drains into that particular corner. I'm sure having a rear-drive car 
(Peugeot 504) didn't help either.
Would a Q have had much of an advantage over a FWD Audi in this situation? I 
think the ideal vehicle would have been a Land Rover!
--Andrew Buc, Seattle, WA; 20-Jan-98, 21:31