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No Subject

Go to "Murray's" or "PEP Boys", etc,  I got a rebuilt alternator for an '86Q about seven months
ago, about $120 + $15 core deposit.....

The best part is that the old Bosch gave me 13.7 volts, the new one gave me 14.1 volts,
brightened up my lights just that bit more ( already have the relay on headlights....)

On the EC article, GREAT STORY, unfortunately will probably raise the prices of our
favorite used Qs.

Alan Cordeiro 

Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 11:17:36 -0500
From: scurrie@cas.org (Steve Currie - d21)
Subject: need alternator for 86 5000CSTQ

Help, I need an alternator for my '86 5000CS Turbo Quattro.  The current 
alternator broke and isn't even the right one so I can have it rebuilt.

I've been getting quotes around $280 for a remanufactured one.  I have located
another one but it was in a wreck and one of the bolt brackets is cracked off.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks is advance.