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Re: 93 90CSQ Questions (re-post)

> From: "Rob Winchell" <rbw@avs.com>
> A friend of mine has a '93 90CSQ with exhaust problems. Basically,
> both his cats have disintegrated and are blocking the exhaust. So:
> 1) Has anyone replaced the front and/or back mufflers on one of these
> cars, or know of a source other than dealer?

Haven't had to replace the mufflers, yet... See below...
> 2) Anyone know why both cats would be dead? Apparently there is a TSB
> on the left cat.

BTDT just a couple of months ago; I haven't been able to find
the TSB, but every mechanic/parts guy I talked to said that they've
seen many, many failures of the left cat on these cars.

I did a fair amount of checking when I replaced mine, and came up
with two options: OEM cat (about $795 from discount suppliers) and
a "custom" aftermarket replacement (about $395).

The latter is available from Clair Parts Express (an arm of Clair, a
major foreign car dealer in Boston); they've worked with an aftermarket
cat manufacturer to build a replacement that fits these cars. It's
a nice piece of work, with the proper brackets and 2" pipe.

I ended up buying the OEM cat. Even though the aftermarket one used
the "right" size pipe, the cat was still one of those generic "coffee
can" things. Seemed like it had about 1/2 the cross-section of the
OEM cat. Couldn't be good for flow, but I'm sure it's fine if
you're not a performance nut, and don't autocross, etc.

> 3) How much of this car (2.8 V6) is the same as the A4?

With the exception of the engine & transmission (and I'm referring to
the 12V motor), not much. The V6 has undoubedly had running changes
since '93, but was otherwise identical. It wouldn't surprise me,
though, if the exahust was bent differently to go under the A4...

> 4) Are aftermarket exhausts (e.g. Scorpion, Borla) available for 
> this car?

I believe Total Audi Performance has a Scorpion for the '93 90.
Haven't seen anything else, and the Scorpion is $$$...

1993 90CS 63k