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RE: List Members in European Car Magazine!

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> Yes, I'm sure that's it. But come on, the editors are car guys, no?
> K&N
> is one of the most ubiquitous aftermarket products extant- available
> for
> almost every car ever made (late models, anyway). I've never heard of
> a
> "Cannon" air filter. Has anyone else?
> Sarge

Unfortunately some where along the journalistic (?) food chain there
must be a non-motorhead in the mix.  There were a couple of other
editorial goofs, but that seems to be almost part for the course for ec,
however much less so as time goes on.  

I was not overly impressed with the content of the main article (the
super buys part).  The article covered too broad a range with too little
specific detail.  Except for the half dozen references to those
_dreaded_ "ring brakes"...  Oh my!  Overall, it is a great tribute to
Audi though.