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Re: Dave>bang/bang steering help...

At 05:51 PM 1/21/98 EST, you wrote:
>Hi Dave, if you have any experince with my problem I'd appreciate a note,
>Following is my original post with updates. I have not been driving the car
>since posting.

First remove the belt and start car. Don't drive as no brake assist means no
If no noise, replace belt, start, press up bomb. Shut off and remove belt
again. Drive slowly and carefully in an area where you can stop quickly with
emerg brakes. Keep tools with you to put belt back on if necessary.

>Replaced PS pump with ZF rebuild, as per Bentley and listmember procedures.
>Took the car out (87 5kcstq) and have the following:
>1) wierd rattle like vibration when driving on anything but the smoothest
>surface, can only hear it while rolling, sounds like its coming from the
>resevoir area or in steering column, or lower. Hard to describe sound, imagine
>a 1 inch metal pipe with a 1/2 inch metal rod inside it, with each vibration
>or bump the rod bounces against the sides.

Sounds as if you have managed to block a port in the pump - 10 to 1 these
pumps are positive displacement.

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