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urq fire

I presume that wire snakes it's way back to your battery under the back

If you want to replace the whole thing, go ahead.  But if you want to
keep the job manageable, I'd suggest bicycling down to your local
electrical jobber to buy a weatherproof splice in the appropriate
gauge.  These have nice positive set screw clamps to each wire, and an
awesome gunk-lined chunk of heat shrink insulation to seal it all up
when you're done (kind of need a heat gun to do this right...). 
Designed to last a lot longer than your car...

Don't forget a little silicon dielectric grease on the connections.

>Now, my question:  the large cable was almost burnt in half and demands 
>replacement.  According to Mr. Bentley, the cable runs from the starter to the 
>battery.  On the car, it runs from the starter, thru the grommet at the oil 
>cooler, and into a grommet in the "frame rail."  Does anyone know where this 
>cable terminates?  I want to replace the entire cable without splicing it, but 
>is it worth that trouble if it indeed runs all the way back to the battery?  
Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe