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Re: 84 4Kq heater core change


the hoses and access are on the pass. side.  Put back that driver's side
stuff.  You *might* be able to get at it without removing the AC
evaporator (surely?) but you'll have to drop the drain pan thing.  Use
lots of towels, and a pan, to catch any coolant, you don't want it in
your carpet.  remove the two hoses.  Remember I said to replace them? 
You do not want to dig around in there again in six months because one
of them is leaking.  one goes to the back of the head, one to the heater
valve.  Sure, you can do this with your eyes closed - cause you can't
see where the hose clamp is anyway!

Anyway, remove the endcap from the heater core - be careful, I managed
to bust one of its stupid little plastic clips.  Then the core slides
right out.  

New one in, cover back, new hoses on (new hose clamps - the oem ones
aren't very good), fill and check for leaks B4 replacing all that
passenger compartment stuff, then reassemble glove box etc.

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe