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Re: 84 4Kq heater core change

In a message dated 98-01-22 20:33:27 EST, you write:

 > Seems like the core is dead center up against the firewall, but still cant
 > it.
 It's on the passenger side.
 The core is about the size and shape of an air filter, slid in
 from right to left, not front to back.  It is behind what looks like
 a small lid (it is a small lid actually).
 Can't miss it.
 You absolutely have to get the evap out of the way.
 Looks like my mechanic is running the Apple Hill in his Pro Rally 
 car.  I may still try to make it - can I register on site?
 Also, what happens if it rains all Sat/Sun, as forecast?
 | Dan |

Who's your mechanic?
Sure you can register up there, as long you get there at 9:00.
Forecast for Sun. is snow not rain, so I heard. 

Chewy sufering