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Inj.cooling fan thermoswitch

Pulled the thermoswitch yesterday, put it in boiling water and confirmed
it being dead. It's not reeally dead, but I think when they go bad, their
closing temp goes up. That's probably why I only witnessed it go on twice
this summer. Anyway, Iwas calling around yesterday and I got 30.95 as the
price for a factory switch. I remember a Qlister said that he got his for
11.95. Itwas an equivalent, maybe lower opening temp. Where did he get it
from, what was the application/part#. I called a Bosch dealer in the area.
Didn't have 'em. If he did, they would be Audi parts with a mark up (an
Audi dealer is just down the road from him).TIA!

'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

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