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Re: Swiss air boxes

That's what I was thinking.  I don't think cool compensates for clean.

Paul Anderson: Private email AndersonPaul@juno.com

On Fri, 23 Jan 1998 08:54:57 -0500 Neil Swanson
<75377.3445@compuserve.com> writes:
>Before you go and do that,
>Take a look.  On my  1988 5ktq if you were to "cheese" the cold fender 
>of the box you'd be doing it on the wrong side of the filter.  In fact
>there would be no filter action at all.  Double check your car but 
>memory I think this is correct.  On mine.
>The lid would be the side to cheese but that is the hot side.  But it 
>be filteres anyway. But hot.