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S4 v. A41.8tq debate

I agree for the most part with Duane about not being able to recoupe
performance mod costs.  However, the example will only work if you are
talking about buying a new A4 for the $30k, and a new S4 for $44(?).

What you overlook, I think, is the fact that A41.8tq will soon be had,
in cherry condition, on the "used" market for far less than $30k--try
low $20k's.  

Boils down to this:  In my '89 200tqw I probably have $10,000, mods
included.  Now, will someone pay me that for the 147,000 mile car? 
Nope.  But, what Audi that compares to it can I get [non-modified,
later make, lower mile, etc.] for double that?  None.  So, the worst
possible beating I can take is $10k[forget insurance, gas, etc.,
'cause everyone is buying it].  Cherry S6 wagons are selling for
around $30k in some markets----what did they sell for new?:)  They
have already lost forever more than I can possibly lose---even if I
just walked away from my car for nothing.

Point?  Keep buying new cars!  I will need your trade-in few years
down the road:)  

'Course, I could give the lecture on time value of money and show why
the A4 wins again, but, nah.