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Re: A4 1.8q vs S4

> >From what I've seen on magazines, a tuned-out 1.8t has one heck of a turbo
> lag.

With the stock turbo??? 

Very boggy if you don't rev it high, and will feel like 1.8 liter
> engine it is if you're not in the high RPM. Some issues of drivability
> comes around here... If you're going to race it, then it's probably fine.
> But what if you're trying to go to your neighborhood grocery shop?

The Wetterauer chipped 1.8TQ AT is great around town... very strong
in the 2.5 to 3.5k RPM range.  I just wish the transmission knew
and wouldn't change down so readily.

In stock form, I could hardly tell it was a turbo and it certainly
didn't feel like a 1.8 liter... the old 1.8s driving ATs are real

> If I'd want something for everyday driving, I think I'd go for the S4 with
> its 2.7 V6.

It's great advantage to me would be an order of magnitude improvement
in smoothness.  The 1.8T does tend to be a little buzzy.

If you wanna race, then the 1.8t will probably have weight
> advantage after all the upgrades.

> On the other hand, I'd like to see how much can you get out of that
> twin-turbo'ed V6. More than what 1.8t can give?

I would hope so.