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Re: List Members in European Car Magazine!

On 1/22/98 Sargent writes:
"I had hoped for more glowing driving impressions and coverage of the
improvements made in the 91 200q particularly. I didn't ever get the
that Ray Thursby was that excited about Audi in the firstplace. Not that he
a detractor, just not so much a proponent.  Les Bidrawn flung my car around
track for a few hot laps and was overall very much the Audi quattro
enthusiast. I
had expected he would write thearticle. Had he, I suspect it would have read
bit more enthusiastic; lessa 'charting of the changes', and more descriptive
'driving impressions'."

I agree with your impression of Ray Thursby.  He wrote perhaps the worst
review of the 87 5ktq I have ever seen in the May 87 issue of Sports Car
International.  For instance:  "Unfortunately, the engine isn't especially
smooth at idle or under load...needs an extra cylinder to sound as good as
the competition";  "The transmission doesn't impress either.";  "And what of
four-wheel drive?  In day-to-day driving it makes no difference
whatsoever...";  "The Audi's suspension is a curious mixture of good and
not-so-good.";  "Push the car through some corners, however, and it begins
to feel unwieldy, rolling more than it should.";  SUMMATION -"It all boils
down to this:  the Audi is an excellent car, but the competition has caught
up.  Recent "aero-look" body designs are more attractive;  improvements in
tires and suspension design have enabled some much less expensive cars to
match or improve on the 5000's handling ability in all but the worst weather
conditions, and the recent crop of V6 engines can easily surpass the Audi's
five in smoothness and compactness."

Keep in mind, this review was written for May 87 publication.  He is
comparing the car to other 86 and 87 models.  With this as a backdrop, I
believe the ec article is very, very positive.  Clearly the car has stood
the test of time.  For example, my best friend drives a mint 86 BMW 535i - a
very nice car.  I would never take it over a clean 5tq.  The BMW is faster
in stock form - but a chip reverses the equation.  The 5tq is much more of a
forward looking car.  Although only about 6 to 8 inches longer, the 5tq
seems twice as large on the interior and has a much larger trunk.  Rear
passenger room in a mid80s 5 series is sort of tight for two adults.  A 5tq
fits three adults almost as comfortably.  The BMW looks and feels dated.

My .02
Matt Pfeffer - 89 200TQW - Stage II