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Stupid seat/body 4k questions

I know this is pretty basic stuff, but the archive search engine is down,
so I apologize, but I'd like to know this stuff.

First up: How the heck do you pull the headrests on a 4000's front seats?
The car I just bought has a set of sheepskins on the front, so I can't see
the top of the seat, but I couldn't feel a release up top. I also tried
poking around on the back of the seat in the area under the headrest rods
(since I know that's how certain other Euro car makers hide the release), but 
I couldn't find anything likely looking(errr, feeling).

Secondly, is there anyway to tighten up the seatback on the front seats? Mine
have a fair amount of side to side play, and a little bit of front to back
play. New seats, or is there an adjustment?

Third, I've got a pretty wicked leak under the drivers A-pillar(the little
cubby by my left knee was full of water this morning). I'm 95% sure it's the
windshield seal, but I'd like to check the sunroof drains first to make sure
they're not plugged. Do the front drains run down the A-pillar, and if so,
where do they come out?

 1971 Volvo 142E		1994 Volvo 944T
 1987 Porsche 911 Targa		1986 Audi 4000cs Quattro