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Thermo Time Switch => Cold Start Injector Question

Hi All:

I'm trying to solve my hard starting problem (5KCSTQ) and am now at
the cold start valve.

My question is which thermo switch is used to activate the cold start

On the coolant flange coming off of the head I have three:
 o Single pin on top of flange. <==ISV?
 o Two connector on side of flange.  <==Cooling fan/turbo after-run?
 o Multi-connector on the bottom of flange.  <==Bunch of stuff?

Right below the coolant flange screwed in to the head I have a single
pin just like the one sitting on top of the coolant flange.  What's
this one for?

What about the unit screwed in to the bottom of the radiator right
below the lower hose?

TIA as always!

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 245K Miles