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RE:warm-up/controll-pressure regulator

On 1/26/08 you ask:
Dose enybody know how the warm-up/controll-pressure regulator works?
When the engine was cold I disconected the airhose that was mounted at the
top of the wo/c-pr and the idle raised to 1700rpm. 
I tried this when the engine was warm  and it almoust died out. 
I tried to start the engine when the engine was cold with this air hoose
disconected to see if it helped my starting problem when the engine is cold
(the cold-start valve is ok), but it was still hard to start.

The warm up reg. or control press. reg. puts a portion of the system pressure
on top of the fuel dist. plunger to provide fuel enrichment during cold start
up.  Typical values are 25 psi at cold start and 50 psi when warm. Since this
press. is applied to the top of the FD plunger the less pressure that is
applied allows the plunger (and air plate) to open more at cold startup thus
enriching the mixture. It uses a bi-metalic spring to accompish the pressure
regulation. I'm not sure how the vacuum hose is supposed to affect its
operation but the bently says to check pressures with the vacuum hose

You did not say what car you have but to check the control reg. you need to
test the system and control pressures as outlined in the manulas for your car.
Once you verify your pressures are correct then you can move on to
troubleshooting the other components.

Littleton, CO