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RE: Thermo Time Switch => Cold Start Injector Question

This is what I believe to be the locations of the engine sensors on your car.

The single (blue wire) sensor under the hyd. pump towards the front of the
engine is the coolant temp. sensor used by the ECU. I believe the ECU uses
this to determine when the engine is cold and therefore acirvate the cold
start valve.

The single (blue wire) sensor on top of the coolant flange is for the ISV.  If
you disconnect this one the idle will go down.

The two wire (switch) on the rear of the coolant flange is for the turbo
coolant pump.

The 4 wire sensor under the coolant flange is for temp. gage, hot/cold to
autocheck etc.

The radiator temp. sensor is a switch that turns on the rad. fan low, medium
or hurricane speeds.

Awhile back I did a "stove top" calibration of the coolant temp. sensor and
got these results.
resistance(ohms)    Temp.(Degf)
     3000                  32
     750-800             70
      150                   150
     50-100               180

Littleton, CO