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Re: Torsen + snow

In a message dated 98-01-26 18:36:58 EST, 75377.3445@compuserve.com writes:

<<  Dan S. and I got to watch this guy who must HATE his A4.  
  Every single run he made he beached the car big time.  Took a truck and a
tow rope (Bob Wientraubs' Range Rover) to get him out.  He was leaving
parts of his car in the snow with every run.  Every run he slammed it into
the snow.  Nuts!>>

We'll this guy who you say is nuts, is Nick. A friend of Consta, the guy with
the 5000 Rally car, Nick also has a almost done 4000Tq, for sale I think.
The worst part of it is that was his wifes car, who didn't know he was racing
Last year he took a 2wd A4 to Maine winter rally, never seen a 2wd A4 with
stock tires grip and fly on icy roads before incredible grip and driving.

Reminder 1st or 2nd was a friend of mine with a 98 Suburu RS, with no driving
experience what so ever, and only touched one bank on one stage.
The trick to this event was the slower you drive the better, cause of the

On the way back home, I cought Victor in his Suzuki Swift, man that thing
We were once at about 115mph on 87, moving like it was nothing.

March we'll be there again

89 200Tq