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RE: Rallycross / Rallyschool

BTW, for those that don't know, a RallyCross is basically an autocross
on dirt.  The 1998 SCCA PRO Rally Rule book sez: "RallyCross is an event
generally held on an unpaved, flat surface, wherein the course generally
consists of straight sections and connecting turns or corners.  Course
layout should be such as to emphasize car handling skill and
maneuverability rather than performance."  
This is a new idea that was put together in order to promote growth in
PRO Rally. 

-mark nelson

Paul T wrote:

<<The California Rally Series is Running a combination Rally School 
and Rallycross in Palmdale on March 7th and 8th.  I have been
corresponding with the event co-organizer, Ray Hocker, and he
informs me that there WILL be a class for streetcars as well
as the expected rally car class.  So socal Q heads, have your
trusty dusty mounts ready to rock and roll in Early march and
you can get a taste of what makes a Quattro special.  You wont
need alot of expensive equipment to go out and play, and this
will probably be your only chance for 1998, so mark that date!

for more info see http://californiarallyseries.com/crspro.htm

paul timmerman>>