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RE: Rallycross / Rallyschool

	Hopefully SCCA will start to get their act together.  It would
be nice if they would start soliciting contingency money to have an
incentive for people to run in the series.  I for one would appreciate
it, as running this series on just the west coast alone is an expensive
proposition.  Fortunately I've been working with a couple of companies
to get some sponsorship money for travel costs and entry fees.  Maybe
SCCA will finally realize that it needs to do something to justify the
"PRO" in PRO Rally...cuz it sure as hell isn't something that most
people do professionally...

	Obligatory Audi Content: I've got some prices on Schmidt Motor
Sport pieces that I requested from England.  Pricing on some pieces were
right what I expected, if not a little less, while other pricing just
about made me gag.  They do have some pieces I'm lusting for, such as
6-speed Audi Sport rally gearboxes with your choice of either Audi Sport
gears or Xtrac gears (3 weeks delivery on the latter).  For a cool $10K,
one of these boxes can be yours! =)

	-mark nelson

	<<Well, it's about time SCCA!

> This should be a blast. I think the guys in Urrup have been enjoying
> this sport for years......
> -glen>>