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Re: V* Shake Down Cruise ( A Little long)

In a message dated 1/26/98 10:55:33 PM, aes@mhv.net writes:

>Also, have noticed a "popping" sound that appears to come from the right
>front wheel when the wheel is turned to the stop on either side. Sounds
>like the UFO shroud is hitting the wheel??? Is not a serious problem
>yet. Any suggestions.  

If the UFO "Shroud" is hitting the wheel your in some serious trouble!  It's
more likely to be the upper strut bearing, Lower Control arm Bushing or
Subframe bushings.  I know on Randall Markarians V-8 it was Lower Control Arm
Bushing (Replaceable ONLY as a complete LCA assy.)


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.

'87 5KCSTQ with WAY too many toys.....

According to Einstein, the faster you go, the longer you live.

St. Louis, MO