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Re: Trick to getting idler pulley off? (fwd)

DRILL 3 holes in a piece of flat steel 3/8 clearance holes one in the
center and the other two just outside the diameter of the idler. The
idler has taped threads so bolt the steel bar to the idler in the center
hole, then with 2 long 3/8 bolts through the other 2 holes having the
nuts on the back side of the bar begin backing the nuts up until it
pushes the long bolts against the block then pushing the idler out of the
D.S. Felton

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>Patient is an '86 4kq needing a timing belt. I got the harmonic 
>off with one hand (and no my arms don't look like Arnie's), but I 
>get the idler pully off. Do I need the 3034 tool for sure or is there 
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