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wuz K40.... now I been saved!

I been saved!

The V1 paid off for the first time proof-positive against LASER 
and it gave me enough time to get sublight.....

I was at about 50 MPH in a 35 on Rte 110W at the Rte 38 roundabout
in on the Dracut/Lowell MA line. They like to hide in the lot on the
right lasing Westbound and under the roundabout when lasing Eastbound.
This is a popular spot and I've seen them here a lot over the past
1+ year. I don't normally come through here at 50 because I always
doubted I could beat the laser lock-on, but this morning some
BONEHEAD was right on my butt all the way from 93 and he was
really starting to piss me off.  Anyhows, just as I passed under the
roundabout Westbound the V1 lit up. I grabbed a handful of handbrake
and the tailgater zigged safely around me. He slowed enough as he
went around me that I saved him too (bummer!). I knew the V1 laser
detector actually works because I have tested it before, but never under ABC
(Actual Battlefield Conditions). Now I know that it really does work and
it is possible to beat the laser with good reaction time combined with
poor judgment on the part of the 'enforcer' in firing while still a bit out of

Thanks V1,

ILMECM!    (I Love My ECM)