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RE: HELP: Wheel/tire damage?

IMO you should replace the tire. There are big chances that it got
seriously deformed. I had bought two used tires that appeared to be in
excellent condition (no visible damage, lots of tread left), but caused
excessive vibration that couldn't be cured by balancing. Further
inspection revealed that they were seriously deformed, probably from
hitting potholes and driving over the curbs at high speed. The wheel
should be checked for roundeness - if it isn't seriously deformed it can
be straightened. The suspension should be inspected and then aligned. I
probably don't have to tell you that your friend should cover the costs
- in fact, if he is really your friend, he should do this without
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> Subject:	HELP: Wheel/tire damage?
> My "good friend" wanted to drive my A4 wagon so I let
> him. Well, he took this turn way to sharp at about 25
> mph and tagged the curb. We pulled over and my rear
> wheel got scraped up pretty bad-about 2" of sheared
> lip. The tire also got gouged out-lower sidewall near
> the rim. 
> I crazy-glued the tire piece back to protect the thin
> sidewall. The tire is still holding pressure (no air
> was lost) but there is a slight pull to the right at
> freeway speeds. Also, on high speed/g turns, the
> right rear seems to be a little unsettled (but it
> could just be wet roads and my paranoia). 
> What do y'all recommend? Get the wheel balanced?
> Should I have the suspension looked at?
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