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The questions never end...

('90 200aq)

Well, I managed, with the help of a friend, to replace my fresh air 
blower.  I never did manage to get the heater box out of the car, but 
with the aid of a very strong friend I was able to get it high enough 
that I could pull the old blower and insert the new one.  It only took 
about 6 hours, and I didn't keep track of which screws went where in 
the center console, so I ended up with the wrong ones, and three spare 
washers!  hehehe.  The gasket that seals the box against the 
not-quite-firewall could not be replaced.  Is that bad?

The car idles (when warm) at about 500 rpm.  It feels a little too 
low.  Where's it supposed to sit?  At high altitude the car idles way 
way low.  Can I adjust something to make it behave better high up and 
in the cold?  I spend most of my time in lower, warmer climes.

Turbo boost has never gone above 1.4.  Is this normal?  Idling, it 
sits around 0.3, and in normal driving I have rarely seen it exceed 

When the engine reaches 3500 RPM or higher (gradual change, but not 
noticeable below 3000 or so) there is a great deal of vibration if I 
am giving it much gas.  It feels nasty, but a friend assures me that 
this is just the inherent imbalance of the I-5.  ?

When I save the seat position, is the rearview mirror position 
supposed to be saved as well?  It isn't.

Do those fairings for Thule roofracks really help much?

Are there any clever places to stick a small stereo amp?  Like, 
somewhere besides the rear tire well?  What's under the passengar-side 
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