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carbon fibre driveshafts

In message <s4cf116e.041@SMTPGW.MITSUICOMTEK.COM> Derek Daily writes:

> Perhaps I am not as slow as I think I thought...
> Are you infering that the driveshaft may have held a cylindrical
> _shape_ however the innards contained a _spun_ column.
> Picture a cross-section of the driveshaft: may it resemble a lollipop
> or cinnamon roll in appearance?

My own ideas were a load carrier of star-shaped cross section contained
within an undriven 'tube'.  I noticed that the splined sections on the
ends of the shaft were unusually long.  I wonder if its length changes?

> In other words, this would allow the piece to maintain (1) extreme
> weight loss (2) great longitudinal stability AND (3) acheive a _flex_
> or wind-up in the crankshaft!

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