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Re: clearcoats(or lack thereof?)

Hi Brett;

    My '86 5kcstq had a clearcoat Zermat silver paint job. I think some of
Audi's non-metallic finishes in this time period may not have had clearcoat,
but I am not certain. One of the "quicky" tests for clearcoat is to lightly
sand a hidden area and wipe the spot with a dark cloth. If the dust is body
colour; no clearcoat - if white, it is clearcoated. Unfortunately, this test
does not work on white cars!
    You may be able to get some info at a professional auto paint shop that
sells to body shops; they often have good listings on original paint systems
for matching purposes.

Fred Munro
'91 200q 245k km
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From: Brett Dikeman <brett@arthur.malebolge.com>
Date: Monday, January 26, 1998 9:20 PM
Subject: clearcoats(or lack thereof?)

>I was under the impression that my 87 5kCST didn't have a clearcoat(paint
>is Alpine White) from something I read a while ago...I am further convinced
>because of the nice oxidized white paint that comes off every time I use
>clearcoat polish once a year or so.
>However, our insurance inspector _and_ the guy from the body shop(which is
>excellent) are convinced otherwise.
>While I'd love nothing more than for the entire car to have a clearcoat,
>I'm firmly convinced it _doesn't_, and more so that repainting the sections
>that were damaged with a clearcoat will make the car look funny.
>Can someone nail this down for me with some hard info?  I thought Audi
>didn't start with clearcoats(excepting Pearl) until several years later.
>Brett Dikeman