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Re: clearcoats(or lack thereof?)

        I too, am under the impression that flat, non-metallic paints on 
     all audi / vw aren't clearcoated, until recently. Most likely, the 
     Alpine White, or other solid paints are just that, solid.  I'm told 
     that the most common type of paint back then was glasurit.  Glasurit 
     is what some people might call two-pack or two part paint, but IMO 
     those two parts are mixed prior to painting.  Any body people really 
     know what they are talking about?  
        As an aside, I've heard that many body shops are now painting the 
     basecoat clearcoat method due to familiarity and ease.
     my 2 cents,
     87 Syncro wagon (lookin to upgrade to a 200tq)

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Subject: clearcoats(or lack thereof?)
Author:  Brett Dikeman <brett@arthur.malebolge.com> at Internet
Date:    1/26/98 8:20 PM

I was under the impression that my 87 5kCST didn't have a clearcoat(paint 
is Alpine White) from something I read a while ago...I am further convinced 
because of the nice oxidized white paint that comes off every time I use 
clearcoat polish once a year or so.
However, our insurance inspector _and_ the guy from the body shop(which is 
excellent) are convinced otherwise.
While I'd love nothing more than for the entire car to have a clearcoat, 
I'm firmly convinced it _doesn't_, and more so that repainting the sections 
that were damaged with a clearcoat will make the car look funny.
Can someone nail this down for me with some hard info?  I thought Audi 
didn't start with clearcoats(excepting Pearl) until several years later.
Brett Dikeman
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