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Re: US emissions standards

 # I believe that Mass. has adopted Calif. emissions standards.  So has
 # New York and Connecticut.  I doubt that Audi would build two versions
 # since the first and third most populous states are now the same.  Dealers
 # would have a hard time swapping vehicles.
There are only two possibilities ... CA and "49 States"

If you buy a car in MA it should have a sticker stating that it complies 
with the California Emissions requirements ...

I have little doubt that today Audi builds the same car whether it is 
destined for a state that has the CA standards or not, but it wouldn't 
surprise me that if you bought an Audi in some other state that you 
would not see the sticker ... my understanding is that there are some 
pretty strict requirements for tracking, and its cheaper to only certify 
the ones that you need to.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)