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Springs 864KCSQ

Where can I get replacement front springs for my 86 4000csq?  My local
parts supplier tells me that the only source is   "...the Audi warehouse in
New Jersey. No matter where else you find them, that's where they came from."

And, I am asking around for other ideas. Do you just happen to have a set
in your barn that you could part with? Will you sell them? How much? I want
stock springs, not some racetrack model that will be difficult to live with
in a daily driver.

My 11 year old front coils are soft enough that I can put the front end
down on the snubbers by sitting on the front bumper. The rear springs seem
to have retained their springiness.

Since the front and rear suspensions of the 4000 quattro spoken of as being
"mirror images," can I put good used rear springs from a salvage car in
place of my weak fronts ?

Can I remove my old springs and find some company that will restore them to
their original springiness? Do people re-temper springs? Where do people
with old cars get the springs replaced?

That is a lot of questions. Hope there is a solution floating around
somewhere out there.

Doyt Echelberger                 Doyt@NWOhio.com
86 4kcsq  red, weak springs
87 5kcstq  pearl, close to new