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Recent motor melt down

In message <90DC6C03D897D011ADA900805FC19003D3AFB1@freedom.charter.com> "Day, John" writes:

> Does anyone have the AUDI approved maintenance schedule for a 1990 V8.

ISTR there's a list of TSBs for the V8 on the Alldata site and one of them at 
least mentions the timing belt.  http://www.alldata.com

> I'm looking for some facts....After dropping my car off for some general
> maintenance..the motor blew. The car was running fine on the way to the
> shop. When it was started to be moved into the bay the next morning, It
> stalled and hasn't started since...After being towed to an audi dealer
> for computer diags..a plugs was pulled and a scope enter into the
> cylinder throught the hole..damage to the piston an valve where
> evident..6 or the 8 cylinders hve ZERO compression.. The car had the
> timing belt replaced at 60K miles an I was planning on it in the next
> month or two (117K current milage). Now however I need a near total
> rebuild.

I don't think rebuilds are available - I think it's a new 'short' engine.

I'm frankly surprised at a V8 belt going bang at 57k.  I wonder if the original 
change was ever done.  Does anyone know if the original factory-fitted belt has 
any special marks?
 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club